Time and Efficiency Saving Studio Accessories


It’s often this little studio accessories that make all the difference in the world – it seems everyone has their favorites  – and, of course, I do too.

A studio accessory (to me anyway) is a time saving tool or supply that solves (or assists with) a specific art studio problem. What’s great about sharing information like this is that you might not have known an item like this even existed.

You may have been doing the same bloody thing aver and over without realizing it could be solved in a better way! And, I am not saying YOU personally, the same applies to me.

I have been caught off guard a number of times but then I would see (or hear) about the product and be like “Man, I wish I knew about this earlier . . ” but glad nevertheless that I found it (or it found me)

I outline at least 10 of my favorites on my new DVD, An Introductory Guide to Oil Painting Tool and Supplies – some of them I am sure you’ll be surprised by.

One featured on  the DVD is the simple paint tube squeezer. A lot of people know these exist but surprisingly very few have them in their studios. I say this because I did an informal survey and only a few had these.

I think it’s a pretty invaluable accessory as with paint being so darn expensive it seems a shame to waste it – and with this simple and inexpensive device it make it SO easy.

Another is a mahl stick. Again, many people do not need these because of the type of work they do but if you do need a steady hand to do precise detail work, there is nothing that works better. Plus these be found very inexpensively on Ebay.

Studio accessories can really make your studio life a lot easier and a lot more efficient.

Please share the ones you have found to be most useful.

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