Are You Following the “Rule of Thirds”?

Rule of thirds

To be fair, the “Rule of Thirds” isn’t really a rule at all but a guideline. It’s a guideline to helping you frame your video shots.

Before I was aware of this principle I would often just center my shots in the absolute center of the screen and not really think that much about it as I figured I just did my job (by getting the shot).

But as I moved on I became *slightly* more sophisticated via reading and watching videos on how the pros did it.

I then took this principle and implemented into my DVD shots. A more cohesive, balanced production was the result.

Being an artist, it totally made sense to me and seemed very natural and created a sense of balance and proportion in my future video shoots.

Again, this is a “guideline” and NOT a rule. The cool thing is, once you are aware of it you have it and can use it as a guiding principle in YOUR videos and video productions.

I found a great video on YouTube that explains this simply and clearly.

Just click on the link below.

“Rule of Thirds” Video

Please pass this link along to anyone who you think might value from it 🙂

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