Messy Marketing

messy marketing

It is very easy to do one sequential step at a time in your art marketing. It’s fairly simple and very safe. But to really get quantum leaps you’re going to have to think “simultaneous.” Here’s what I mean.

I was reading a post the other day by a blogger who was giving advice on dating (not sure WHY I was reading that but . . . ) and how to get more dates. It sounded like the questioner wanted a simple answer. Well, he got anything but that.

The author said things like: signup for tango classes, signup for cooking classes, join reading groups, join a yoga class, sign up for a dating service (every single one!) and send out 20 messages a day (every single day) and send IM’s (if the service allows it), ask everyone out (the girl/guy in the store, the waitress, the Dunkin Donuts girl/guy, etc. etc.) and on and on.

It was crazy reading this but really re-awoke the principle of “simultaneous action” – that is, doing a whole mess of things at once and seeing what sticks to the wall.

So many people I interact with and coach just want a magic pill. “Just tell me the one thing I need to do to sell more of my art!” and inevitably I’ll say, “Do a bunch of stuff” (but in this secret order!)

My advice is to keep a bunch of balls in the air at once. If one drops to the floor – no biggie, just pick up another one. And keep doing. Don’t go deep with one thing but go wide with many.

It’s not always the easiest thing to communicate to my clients because it is “messy” and somewhat chaotic but not surprisingly those are the artists who are really getting some amazing results (like elite gallery representation, TV shows, celebrity aquisitions, etc.).

Have fun. Be a bit messy. Try not to overthink your action too much. Just keep moving, keep throwing and keep jiving. I’ll bet you’ll soon be writing me telling of the amazing things happening in YOUR career!

Please share this post to anyone who you think might value from it 🙂

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