EXPERT AUDIO INTERVIEW: Aviation Artist Robert Bailey (54:42)

Artist Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey is a one-man artist “tour de force” when it comes to aviation art.

Robert Bailey has been an Artist Fellow with the American Society of Aviation Artists for about fifteen years. He was born in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England, and attended Longton College of Art.

He emmigrated to North America when he was seventeen, and has worked variously in television (host of a children’s show), and newspapers as a writer, photographer and artist. He has been creating aviation combat pictures all his life. His works are at The Pentagon and museums and galleries around the world.

Robert’s recent exploits include flying an F-18 Hornet in early 2008 (from the back seat) and a spectacular seven day cruise on the nuclear carrier USS NIMITZ, where he made friends and contacts with many US pilots.

From that cruise, Robert will be creating a number of canvases, some of which will be released in print form. The US Navy graciously allowed the artist to remain on the flight deck close to the action during launches and recoveries of dozens of aircraft, while at sea between Hawaii and San Diego.

Robert Bailey paints mainly aviation combat canvases (in oil) but also other subjects such as women, historical figures, steam trains and classic cars. He says it’s tough to break out of one genre when you aim for another, as people expect the same kind of subjects in each work. Pencil drawings and oil sketches are also coming online from the artist’s studio, and Robert expects these to sell well.

Listen in as Robert shares:

  • Why it is critical to promote and market yourself
  • What you absolutely MUST have in order to be successful as an artist
  • How specializing can open the doors to these amazing opportunities
  • Use Robert’s long-lost marketing method for getting his work noticed and SOLD!
  • How to get noticed by top dealers and collectors
  • How to sell more art by secretly “winning over” the decision makers with this unique tactic . . .

Click here for: Robert Bailey Audio Interview

Check out Robert’s work here: Aviation Art by Robert Bailey

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