How to Market and Sell More Art Than You Ever Have Before. Guaranteed!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I last posted here. But I have an excuse. I have been working to get the Art Marketing Association off the launch pad. Well, I am happy to say today we have finally achieved lift off!

What The AMA Is

The Art Marketing Association is an international organization dedicated to assisting artists, artisans, craftspeople, photographers and galleries to improve their marketing skills and to hone their efforts to become more profitable, thus helping to share their message with the world.

That’s the mission and that’s our goal. I get kinda tired of hearing artists whine about not making enough money, not being able to sell their work, etc. I can see that it was way more difficult 10 years ago but today times are different. You literally have EVERYTHING you need at your disposal to be successful. YOU are the one in control nowadays. It’s YOU who will determine your artistic success (however you define that)

What The AMA Will Do For You

It’s a place to go that is bursting with new, relevant and USEABLE information including informational videos, monthly expert audio cd, power-packed screencasts, step-by-step courses, articles, ebooks and other amazing content from world famous artists and marketing experts who know how to market and sell art. It’s all right there for you to watch, read, listen and interact with. It’s an inspiring, one-stop place that covers a broad marketing spectrum.

The AMA is designed to give you the information and the tools to succeed. I don’t actually know of hardly any sites that actually help artists in the way the AMA is. When I went to school at Pratt a number of years ago I don’t remember them having 1 class – ok, I take that back, I think they had one class about art and business. I mean once your out of school you had no idea what to do. They never factored commerce into the equation at all!

Another thing makes the Art Marketing Association unique (and exciting) is it’s world-class faculty of experts. These are artists and other experts who are leaders in their field and have agreed to share their knowledge and expertise with AMA members. And make no mistake they are are not some theorists or academics living in ivory towers. They are “in the trenches” daily and know what to do and what works. That is, how to sell, market and make money.

Faculty members include the #1 expert in Art Licensing,Tara Reed. One of the savviest online video marketers working today, Perry Lawrence. The king of celebrity marketing, Jordan McAuley. World-renown Fine artist, marketing (and social media marketing) diva, Lori McNee. We are also extremely lucky to have “The Mindset Maven,” author, speaker and coach PJ McClure .

Also the amazing Sian Lindemann who will bring her amazing track record of success to the AMA via artist career development and gallery relations. Marcia Yudkin is one of the most highly sought after marketing experts in the world. She will be bringing her expertise to the AMA via marketing via publicity. Ben Settle is also with us. Ben is a direct response copywriter, web entrepreneur and email marketing specialist.

Doug Farrick, president of the AMA, will offer his expertise in the area of entrepreneurship, marketing and business systems. We also welcome Bert Grimm. Bert is a master Ebay seller, marketer extraordinaire and also a WordPress expert.

New areas of expertise are being considered so expect to see new AMA faculty members in the coming months. Remember, these faculty members know their stuff. That’s why they were selected. You’ll get access to their knowledge and wisdom via becoming an AMA member. It’s like having your own exclusive mentoring group at your disposal!

What You Need To Do Next

Here’s the deal: Be one of the 1st 77 to sign up and you’ll get the 1st 30 days for just $1 to check out everything we have. You be the judge. That’s right – 1 measly dollar. Listen to the interviews, watch the screencasts, read the articles, download the ebooks, etc. etc.

Feel free to ransack and pillage the AMA. We believe that much in the value of the content. If you choose to continue, do nothing and your card will be charged the nominal amount of $19 per month (after the $1.00 30 day test-drive!). If you feel the content is not for you, no hard feelings, just shoot us an email and we’ll cancel your membership immediately.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact us. We want YOU to benefit and be part of this elite group!

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