How to Get More Traffic from Your YouTube Videos

By doing this one simple trick, I will show you how to significantly increase the traffic back to your blog or main site via a YouTube video(s).

Not long ago YouTube made some changes to it’s YouTube layout resulting in a drop off in the number of visitors I was receiving from YouTube.

This is a very simple tip that I see so many artists and others who don’t even bother to do it. Although simple, it really helps your viewers with a way to feed them back into your main internet “hub.”

And make sure you use this strategy for all your YouTube videos as it really will make a difference in your traffic from YouTube.

Further if you’re not using YouTube as a marketing channel, then why not? Write to me if this is so and I would be happy to help you get started with this very important marketing channel.

Image above:
Watercolor sketch
Fabrice Hyber
Image courtesy of the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

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