How “Accessible” Are Your Marketing Communications?

It might be a good idea to give all your recent communications a quick review. Are they simple, clear and easily accessible? If not, here are a few suggestions that may help.

Most of us today are so pressed for time that we are always looking for the shortest route possible.

And there is such a proliferation of information begging to command our attention that we often choose what is easiest (and quickest) and takes less effort.

Of course, that is why such popular services like MapQuest exist, why almost all magazines today are designed via mini “sound bites” and why Apple places a premium on simplicity and clarity.

I was just looking at some old magazines the other day and the visual layout is completely different – once linear, they are now modular.

This is particularly important with anything that has a high percentage of text. This includes brochures, sell sheets, magalogs, proposals, emails and the like.

I am always a bit surprised when some of my coaching clients send me an email that stretches from one side of the email browser to the other.

Try using more: sidebars, subheads, quick summaries, “what’s ahead” content, informational bullets, drop quotes and “mini-profiles” in all your communications.

As artists/designers we are particularly tuned into this but we can all improve and refine our communications with these principles in mind.

If it takes to much “perceived effort” to read something, believe me, people will not do it. So think about giving your clients clearer and easier access to information.

You will find, slowly and surely, an increased response to your communications.

Image above:
4th Grader Art Assignment
“Lighthouse in Winter” 2010
Tempera and collage on paper
Courtesy: Linesdotsanddoodles

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