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I coach artists and professionals, helping them achieve powerful, transformational results.

Please contact me so we can discuss the most powerful ways to move you dynamically forward in your life. If you’re not clear, we’ll help get you clear so there will be nothing left but action (and only results). Action and no fear, that’s where we are headed.

The first session is completely free. We’ll talk for as long as you like. At the minimum you’ll receive some powerful distinctions, inspiring resources and clarity going forward. If you want to keep going, we can do that to. Contact me and let’s chat 🙂

Here are some things coaching clients are saying:

“Doug’s insights are genuine and to the point, he puts ideas in your brain that stick, and helps you formulate a plan to take action. As an artist, determining a path from vision to tasks is formidable, Doug was talented at helping me to distill my vision and see the direction that would best help me to achieve it.”

Margot Rogers
Muralist and Illustrator
Boston, MA

“A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of an hour-long coaching session with Doug Farrick. The aim was to put me ‘back on the rails’ in terms of marketing my art.

Doug explained clearly the importance of the website as a ‘hub’, a place from which all marketing ideas emerge and link back to.
Marketing art by establishing relationships was discussed at length and I got new insights into the value of this approach (as opposed to any ‘hard sell’ tactics).

Following our conversation, Doug sent links to relevant articles and further sources of interest. The whole experience was both rewarding and inspirational and I would thoroughly recommend the services of Doug Farrick for help with art marketing.”

John Button
Fine Artist
Stockholm, Sweden

“Thank you soooo much Doug, for the incredibly uplifting and focused hour you spent with me on the phone Wednesday. I DID wake up the next morning ready to start my first day of reinventing myself. I’m stoked. And I’m making a point of letting go of some of my senseless fears. Thank you again for the affirmation – and the support. You’re a great mentor!

Just want to send out a HUGE thank you to Doug Farrick, for an incredibly uplifting and focused hour that he spent with me on the phone Wednesday evening. Doug is wonderful at what he does – he truly helped me to focus my energies on what needs to be done.

I came away from our conversation with a newly-found focus and the ability to let go of some of my self-limiting baggage. Doug has a great blog site which focuses on Art – Art Marketing – Artists – follow it at And don’t forget to like his page while your at it (! Thanks again Doug!

Sabine Baeckmann
Fine Artist
Buffalo, NY


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