Art Marketing Lesson from Twizzlers

Rainbow Twizzlers

Twizzlers really knows how to get the most out of their brand. They are really masters of re-inventing and re-purposing those yummy twirly candies. Here’s how you can learn a thing or two from them.

So, I was in Wal-Mart the other day and went down the candy aisle. I happen to glance down and see my favorite candy there – yes, Twizzlers licorice. But when I reached down I also happened to notice about 12 other Twizzler branded products.

I mean they had the “regular” twirlers but they also had the 1 and two pound bags. They also had “filled” twists, big twirlers and smaller ones and “nibs” and “bites” and “pull ‘n’ peel” and smaller bags of individually wrapped twirlers and the bigger hard-plastic container of the same individually wrapped pieces. It’s amazing, just take a look.

I think I counted like 10-15 different Twizzler varieties. And I take it that they are selling otherwise one of the savviest retailers in the world (Wal-Mart) would not be stocking their shelves with all these products.

What’s really amazing is that all this stuff is really the same thing – Twizzlers – just pushed and morphed and coddled into different forms and for different markets and different demographics. Amazing!

Now, Twizzlers is owned now by Hershey (of Hershey Chocolate fame) so they definitely know the candy business and most importantly the marketing business.

So what does this have to do with us artists? Well, it immediately got my marketing mind thinking how you could map the Twizzler’s “model” into an Art one.

What do I mean? Something like this:

  • Different size Twizzlers = Different sizes of your art. Big, small, you name it.
  • Different varieties of Twizzlers = Different kinds of art. Not just painting but drawings, prints, sculpture, etc.
  • Unique, individually wrapped Twizzlers = Can be mapped, perhaps, to an individual edition of prints.
  • Different kinds of Twizzlers in one bag = Sell art as a package of different pieces. One package may include 1 print, 1 drawing, 1 painting.
  • Twizzler pen and Twizzler socks (in Twizzler store) = Licensing your art on all sorts of products.

And this is just a start. There are plenty more. Get out a pen and start making a list. Now!

Really think how you can expand, re-package, re-purpose and re-invent your art. It will not only be fun but wildly profitable – just ask Twizzlers!

Please pass this post along to anyone who you think might value from it.

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