A Secret Place to Get your Artist Technical Questions Answered

In the video below I want to show you a secret online place that will give you the most thorough, highly researched technical information on artist materials that you ever thought possible.

Like many artists, I often have technical questions about a particulate product or pigment or how, for example, oil paint might adhere to metal. Could be any kind of technical question – depending on what mediums you work in.

So where on Earth do you get an answer to this question? Sure, you could hit a popular forum and might get back some good info but you never quite know if it’s 100% reliable.

More than that, you might get back a one sentence answer that is so bad and so inaccurate you might as well of not asked at all. Some places might even charge a fee for this research and technical know-how. The site i refer to below does not charge a penny!

But, don’t despair! I’ve found a place that will reliably give you the best, most thorough, most researched answers I have found. I do a lot of technical research on artist’s materials so I know the frustration that you can feel.

Watch the video below to find out the best place (I have found anyway) to get your art technical questions answered in as thorough a way as can be done.

Image above:
Mike and Doug Starn
Untitled, 2009
Archival inkjet print on gelatin coated Zerkall

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